Emails of Praise from Dr. Bowen's Online Course Students During the Pandemic


Dr. Bowen is hands down one of the best if not the best professors at RIT. Everything he has done for his students is because he actually cares for them and Bowen wants them to learn. Many professors say this but do not really mean it.

Really enjoyed this course. I love how it was set up with the chapter essays, powerpoint comments, and online lectures. I dont usually like watching videos, but I very much enjoyed the online lectures. They were very interesting and they held my attention really well. The powerpoints were also very well made, and I really appreciate the time Dr. Bowen put into making them. The photos in them were great. I also liked that the tests were untimed because timed tests always stress me out and that extra time allowed me to advance my understanding of everything. Dr. Bowen was very relaxed and understanding, and it made for a very enjoyable learning environment! Really feel like I learned a lot. Thanks, professor!

Communicated very well, and overall was very positive with us!

This instructor was very supportive and understanding towards the students. I was able to complete my work without excessive stress and better retain the Bowen materials.

Hi Professor!

Thank you for sharing my midterm grade with me. I have really enjoyed this class so far and have no one else to thank but you. You are an incredible professor!

Be well and have a great Halloween weekend.

Thanks again,
Abby Keating

Dr. Bowen,

You’re truly one of the best Professors I’ve had at RIT. These are stressful times and I appreciate your generosity and encouragement towards us! Have a great weekend!

Maduka Gunasinghe

Hi Dr. Bowen! 

I think that the PowerPoint lectures and the online lectures are a great supplement to the textbook, and they are easy to follow along with. I think they make for very low stress assignments to complete for the course, and I like how I can fit it into my own free time. Thank you for being so considerate this semester!!


Meredith Michetti

Hi Dr. Bowen,

I’m Sean Carroll, one of your students for Introduction to Psychology. I just wanted to say I’ve thoroughly been enjoying the power points and lectures for class, I have learned a lot of new information! I also want to thank you for your best wishes for all of us. It is refreshing to have a professor who cares so much about his students even though we haven’t even formally met. I’m not looking forward to getting rid of this class from my schedule next semester. 



Hi Professor,

I enjoy the lecture. I think they’re detailed and make sure we don’t miss any examples from only reading the book. Love the course!

Thanks for the kind words.

Kera Hampton

Thanks for a wonderful semester, Dr. Bowen!!  I really enjoyed this class.  I really loved the way the course was set up, and thanks for being so relaxed about due dates.  It made me much more intrinsically motivated to learn everything and I feel like I really learned a lot.  I’m hoping I can take more classes with you in the future.

Thanks again,

Lindsay Bowman

I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed class this semester! I learned a lot with the online lectures and PowerPoints! Overall this class was very enjoyable and informative! 

Thank you for a great semester!


Thank you so much for being an amazing Professor. It has been an honor being part of your class.

Joel Abreu

Hello Professor!

I must say, I’ve been at RIT for 6 years now and you are the very first professor I’ve had that’s been this amazing with communication; and you’re the first professor I’ve had that makes me feel valued as a student. 

You’re a fantastic professor!!

Donovan Wolfe 

Good Afternoon Professor!

I just wanted to email you and tell you I really appreciate your check in emails and clarity with the coursework.

It’s been really nice looking for your emails and being able to check to make sure I’m on the right track.
So thank you!
I hope you’re having a great summer!!

Best regards,

Alejandra Paige

Dear Professor Bowen,

I am happy to say I have fully finished every assignment and resubmitted any necessary corrections. You made the class very stress-free and I am very grateful for your approach to this class. I hope you enjoy the rest of the semester and that you enjoy the summer following it. Sorry for the annoyance!


Van Phan

I don’t really have any great excuses in all honesty, I did have a lot of things going on and I did get really behind in a lot of my classes due to it but the reason I missed that exam is that I thought I had 1 more day than I did to do it, but you’ve helped me so many times already this semester with the due dates that it felt wrong for me to ask for more. If you’re still willing to give me an extension I will do the exam today or tomorrow (since I have another exam today). I’m also behind in the written assignments but I plan on spending a large amount of time over the next few days working on them since I’ve finally caught up in most of my courses and the workload has finally  gone down due to finals. Regardless, thank you so much for helping me as much as you have during this semester, I greatly appreciate the concern you have for me and very likely the rest of your students. I really wish I could’ve taken this course in person since the concepts are interesting and the slides have pretty funny jokes and very helpful supporting images. I’ve taken a course similar to this in the past and it was nowhere near as interesting and well structured. 

I have completed all of my assignments as well as the exams, so I guess I’m done with the course! It’s been one of my favorite classes ever, and your kind emails made my day whenever I got them. 

Have a great summer and take it easy!

Thank you,

Tyler Farber

Hello Dr. Bowen, 

Thank you for giving these updates, I really appreciate them! 

I think the PowerPoint slides are a nice way to reinforce information from the assigned chapter. I do not necessarily read them word-for-word because I usually read the chapter beforehand. 

The online lectures are my favorite part of this course! I really enjoy having the flexibility to choose the lecture I want to watch because I am able to select videos that incorporate information from the chapter along with my personal interests (I love immunology!). 

Thank you again Dr. Bowen, and I hope you are able to enjoy the beautiful weather today!



Hi Dr. Bowen,

So far this class has been great! I really like the set up of the online lectures as well at the PowerPoint slides. I feel that between both of those I am learning a lot. Especially with having to comment on both it creates a sense of engagement that I think is beneficial. This is only my second ever psychology course and my first college psychology course and I’m really enjoying it! I feel as I am learning a lot of really great information!! Thank you for being such a great professor.

Madison Corso

Hi Dr. Bowen, 

So far I have enjoyed the course! I really appreciate the flexibility you give us although I have been able to stay on schedule. It just takes a lot of stress off my shoulders not having another hard deadline to meet and I find because of that the learning is much more organic. 

The PowerPoints seemed super long initially but they are very painless to go through and not overloaded. The online lectures I found to be a good supplement to the chapters because I like being able to pick topics that I find particularly interesting. 

No complaints so far — thanks for checking in! 🙂

Best regards,

Cindy Wu

Hi Dr. Bowen,

I hope you are doing well!

My name is Julianna, and I am a freshman in this course! I am loving this class so far! The PowerPoints are all so interesting, and all of the jokes and images make asynchronous learning much more bearable. 

I have handed in all of the PowerPoint comments, online lecture comments, and one of the chapter essays. But I wanted to make sure that all the chapter essays are due a week after the test, and that I didn’t miss a deadline. 

Thank you!


Julianna Goldman

Hi Dr. Bowen!

I thoroughly enjoyed the Great Courses digital library! I felt so privileged to have access to all the treasures the library offered. I learned a great deal and felt more educated after every video. My only wish is, I had more time to watch more of the courses. 🙂  Thank you for adding this feature to our Psychology experience. The PowerPoint with the pictures, always had me engaged and laughing. Overall, both the digital library and slides made the class very fun and the work light. Keep these features, they made a big difference for my learning.


Ray McDonald

In short,

I felt the video lectures were convenient and I appreciated the variety provided.

The lecture slides correlated very well with the reading and provided the best overview of the important topics to be discussed. I personally felt as if the slides provided a good visual stimulus, which assisted with studying.

Thank you for a great semester! You are one of the most flexible professors I have ever had!

Steven Evans

I am happy with my grade as is.

Thank you Dr. Bowen for giving me the opportunity to learn a lot of great things this semester despite the pandemic. Your patience and understanding really had a huge impact on my entire semester and for that I am grateful.

I hope I get to take a class with you in the future and that you have a wonderful break. 

Dolapo Atobiloye

Hi Dr. Bowen,

It sucks that I never got to meet you but you seem like the type of professor I would have really gotten along with. I just wanted to say thank you for being so understanding. Your emails always made me smile because they’re always so kind! Also, a lot of the things I learned in your class helped me through some tough times I’ve had this semester. Lastly, I wanted to let you know I turned in some last minute assignments (The chapter essays). This semester has been mentally, emotionally, and academically taxing so your pushing back due dates has been a life saver.

Thank You,

Lauren Tompkins

Good Evening Dr. Bowen,

Thank you for a great semester. Your constant emails of encouragement and support throughout the semester truly made an impact. This was a hard semester for many students (including myself). Your flexibility made learning easier and stress free. 

I have submitted the final exam along with the remaining slide overviews, essays, and online lectures. 

I appreciated you and hope you have a good, safe holiday season (regardless of what is going on in the world).

Very Respectfully,

Steven J. Evans

Good evening Dr. Bowen,

I am in your Behavior Modification class- and I  just wanted to let you know that I submitted my test  3 yesterday. I apologize for the late submission, my sister got sick with COVID and it was a pretty stressful time. Luckily she’s doing okay now and the rest of my family is negative. 

Let me know if there is anything in else you need from me and I can get it right to you! 

 Enjoy the winter break and thank you for such a smooth semester during this unprecedented time. 

Audrey Burns 

Good Morning Dr. Bowen!

I am emailing to just let you know I have gotten in all of my assignments; the rest of the lecture and presentation comments are all on one pdf that I submitted to the respective Dropbox.

 Thank you for being a wonderful understanding teacher. I look forward to having class with you in the future! Let me know if I am missing anything important.



Good night, Professor Bowen

Thank you for an awesome semester. I have learned so much. I hope that you have a blessed rest of the year. I just submitted the rest of my  assignments.

Keana James

Hello Dr. Bowen,

I am just emailing you to let you know that I have completed and submitted all ppt, lecture notes, Sona points (8), and submitted the exam on Friday. I believe that I have submitted everything necessary for this course but if I am missing anything please let me know and I will quickly resubmit things.

Thank you so much, you have been an excellent teacher and I am so glad to have taken your course and I am excited to read the textbook again over the intersession when there are no deadlines.

Thank you again,
Cristina Guzman-Moumtzis

Thank you for the update professor! I just want to say I really appreciate that you are patient and understanding and with us. You’ve definitely helped me with a lot of stress for this semester. I’m enjoying the course, and I look forward to the rest of the semester!

Thanks again,

Robert Armstrong 

Hi Professor Bowen,

I have been enjoying your class, and the new information I’m learning!


Hi Professor,

I am in your Psyc 101 course this fall and I started reading through your PowerPoint slides for chapter 1 and I just wanted to say how nice it is to have interesting/fun PowerPoint slides.  It makes it much more enjoyable and captivating!

Thanks so much!

Jake Wolicki

Hi, Dr. Bowen,

Thank you so much for your patience, care, and for not giving up on me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Alix Zanibbi

Dear Professor Bowen,

Hello, I hope you are staying safe and doing well during these tough times. I just realized that I hadn’t sent in my essays for chapters 11, 12 and 13, I’m so sorry they are late. I have attached to this email  my missing essays. Stay safe and thank you for a very fun, interesting and informative class this semester, I very much so enjoyed it and the content.


Hannah Stebbins

Hi Prof. Bowen,

As the semester comes to an end, I wanted to thank you for making your class as enjoyable as it was. I really appreciate the care you give to your students, and being a part of your class was one of the best parts of this semester.

Thank you for making your class stress free and being so understanding with deadlines.

Stay safe and healthy,

Kimberly Chen

Hi Dr. Bowen,

I hope you’re doing well. I just wanted to reach out and thank you for making Into to Psych an enjoyable class! I found the PowerPoint and online lectures to be very interesting! I looked forward to completing the assignments each week because they were on topics that sparked my interest! I particularly enjoyed this course because of the structure you provided each week. There was never a time in this course where I felt unsure of what assignments I needed to complete. I really appreciated the consistency you provided in this class! I also wanted to thank you for sending out positive and encouraging emails throughout the week! They truly made my day and put a smile on my face! With an online asynchronous course, it can sometimes be tough to get to know the professor and their teaching style, but I think you did a fantastic job at engaging and connecting with your students! I would really love to take psychology classes with you in the future and I certainly hope I can get the chance to meet you in person! As a psychology major, I’m certain that I’ll get the wonderful opportunity to take another class with you in the coming years! I apologize for the long email but I felt it was necessary to share the positive impact that this class has had on me! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a restful break! Thank you again for everything!

Have a great day,

Tessa Lo Cigno

Hello Dr. Bowen,

I just want you to know that I truly enjoyed your class. I looked forward to doing the homework for this class, which says a lot in itself haha. Your PowerPoint lectures always make me laugh while still being super helpful, and your emails always brighten my day. Thank you for being such an amazing professor and making this by far the most enjoyable course I have ever taken. Have an amazing holiday break!

Thank you again,


Professor Bowen,

Hello! My name is Beau and I am/was a student in your Introduction to Psychology class this semester. I am just writing this to say thank you, and that your class has been wonderful. Your emails have been so kind and the extensions you have allowed on different tests and assignments have been so considerate. I have been struggling a lot with keeping up with many of my classes and I apologize for not being the best student in terms of submitting assignments, but the way you have organized and taught this course relieved a lot of stress, especially in the past several weeks of finals.

I have always been very interested in psychology and this course has only further developed that interest as I now plan to take psychology as my immersion and possibly a minor. I have definitely learned a lot this semester in spite of the asynchronous format which I have usually had trouble with.

Again I apologize for my tardiness with the writing assignments but I plan to submit them all before the 16th. I would be completely fine with not receiving grades for them due to their lateness, I mostly want to finish and submit them to finish the course having gotten as much out of it as possible.

Thank you so much for the great semester, and I hope that I will have another class taught by you in the future!

Beau Wacker

I will do much of requirement online lectures and submit them by the 16th. I will accept the grade on the assignments that I didn’t do 🙂

Thank you for being so sweet and flexible, Professor Bowen! That means a lot, especially during the pandemic. 

Anastasia Mena Vergara

Hello Professor Bowen,

I’m Vanny Tran from your PSYC.101.04 class. I just wanted to let you know that I submitted all the missing writing assignments and I hope you can take a look to make some adjustments for my final grade. I also wanted to say that I really enjoy this class, it suits my interest and I had some good laughs with the jokes and memes in your PowerPoint lecture.

Thank you so much,

Vanny Tran

Hi Dr. Bowen,

Thank you very much. I greatly enjoyed your course and felt that it has made a profound impact on the way I approach psychology. Happy holidays!


 Amit Mishra

Good evening Dr. Bowen!

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all of the sweet messages. Although I didn’t reach out during the semester, as I was so insanely busy, as you could imagine, your random emails got me through each week. I appreciated every encouraging message and would tell my friends and boyfriend about your kind words. You have truly given me such motivation, and I enjoyed this class much more than I thought I would. I hope your semester was smooth sailing and you have a great rest of your 2021. Happy Holidays, and thank you for your constant support! ( Happy Early New Year !!)

Much love,

Kaitlyn Catalano

Hi Dr. Bowen,

I can only speak from my perspective. Though I tried to get an A+ I believe why I got an A instead was because the material was fair for me. I believe the test is the main reason why I didn’t get an A+, 75 questions can really catch up to you. As far as the class overall, I think the reason why we did so well was because  you gave us a graceful due date. I really appreciate it and I know other students do as well. When you have time to get a work done and you’re not feeling rushed not only are you more engaged but you can seriously put your best foot forward. I can’t stand being rushed and I hate it, especially since I always max my credit hours per semester. However having a class like this really makes me have hope in higher education-when schools value quality work instead of pushing deadlines and due dates beautiful things happen and students enjoy the class. I hope this helped. 

Happy New Years! & Merry Christmas 


Joseph Kollie 

I have taken Introduction to Psychology and Sociology under Dr. Bowen, and have received an A in both of the courses. 

I do think the workload and grading standards are acceptable and I enjoy how the homework and assignments are given and allows me flexibility. I enjoy being able to watch the online lectures and being able to choose a topic that I enjoy in regards to a specific chapter which increases my motivation to watch the whole thing and complete the assignments since I enjoy watching the online lectures, and the lectures do apply to the real world which is a bonus! I think that is the main reason why I have gotten an A since I enjoy this class and enjoy getting to watch the different online lectures!

Molly J. McEvoy

Hello Dr. Bowen,

I actually wrote about this in my RIT 365 portfolio. I think most students get A grades because your class is very enjoyable. The workload is the perfect amount, and your emails keeping us updated and checking in just really makes your class fun and I know that you care about your students and are very understanding. You make it very fun to learn. 

Natalie Patrick

Dear Professor Bowen,

One of the reasons that I loved your class so much is that you were understanding and accommodating to me as a student. Other teachers aren’t as kind as you are and because of that it makes there classes that much more difficult. I also enjoyed the way the class was set up for us to learn. It wasn’t only read this portion of the textbook and then do an assignment. Learning through the videos helped a lot compared to just reading the textbook.


Ross Boyle

I think the difference in your class is that it’s how flexible you are with assignment due dates. I understand that due dates are important and all throughout college we are taught that. I completely for it!

However, It doesn’t hurt to have a class like this where it’s you’re on your own pace. This is a class that still requires ALOT of time and work, but if you make the effort you will do well in the course. By any means was this an “easy” course. I would spend great time of my week completing and reading the assigned work.


Maduka Gunasinghe


I believe that most people do well in this course based on the way you run it. The way this course is ran truly benefits the students and it was personally a very enjoyable course. This course also helped me learn and take away important aspects of psychology and I believe that it was like that because of how stress free you made the course on your students. This course also expanded my interest in psychology and makes me want to take more courses in the subject in the future. 


Jayson Clarke 

Hi Dr. Bowen,

I believe that it is a fair amount of work load each week! I believe the fact that you accept late submissions and grade on a pass fail basis may lead to higher grades but definitely eases the stress for the students. Thank you for a great semester

Sean Carroll

Dear Dr. Bowen,

This is Ruoqi. Thank you for holding this wonderful course this semester!

As an intro course, if we complete the knowledge of reading and online lecture every week, I think it is difficult to get a grade below B.  In addition, you have been very responsible for reminding us of our homework.  These are the reasons why I think the students in this course are doing very well. Thank you for your help! Happy Holiday!

Best regards,


Dr. Bowen,

I believe I received an A because I turned in every assignment that was assigned to us. Many individuals may have not liked the assignments, but I really enjoyed them as they really interested me more in Learning and Behavior!

I appreciate all of the time and effort you put in to reading these assignments and for all of the nice notes you emailed us throughout this semester.

Thank you and have a great break.


Hi Dr. Bowen, 

The workload in your courses are average to the ones I have completed. In some cases it is more. I feel as though students get good grades in your course as you deliver the course material very clearly & have clear grading guidelines. Due to the clear grading guidelines & expectations I feel like it is very attainable for students to do well in your courses. 

If you need anything else please let me know! I have taken three of your courses and have enjoyed how they are structured and how information is given to students. 

Thank you for a great semester! 

Kiana Walker

Hi Dr. Bowen!

First of all, I just wanted to say thank you for all your positive emails throughout the semester, they made me smile every time and it really brightened my day. 

I wanted to address your question, but I just wanted to make clear that in this class and under these circumstances, it is perfectly okay for plenty of students to earn As. I think that there are two reasons that students are doing so well in your course: firstly, because you allow late assignments to be turned in for full credit. I do think that this is a very generous policy and that you are amazingly understanding about how hard these past couple semesters have been, all I’m saying is that it might contribute to the high grades. The second possibility is that the practice tests you have are identical to the real tests, which means that most students have practiced the exact questions and therefore know the answer already. You could argue that this helps with learning, because I know personally that by the exam I knew my stuff, it just probably also contributes to the high grades. 

Overall though, I think that you were an awesome professor, especially during COVID, and I would love to have you for another class.

Thanks so much!

Juliana Lutzer

Hi Dr. Bowen,

I appreciate that you would like feedback on the course. I feel as though I have learned so much in Social Psychology. The expectations were fitting to keep me engaged and challenged while still being flexible enough to allow me to perform well.

I have taken online courses in the past where I felt like I didn’t learn anything and could not stay engaged, but that was not the case with this course. I had a very difficult semester and the flexibility of this course and your support and understanding was greatly appreciated. 

Happy Holidays to you and your family! 

Thanks again,

Miriam Rigas 

Hi Dr. Bowen! 

I never understood why it is seen as a bad thing for students to all succeed and do well in a class! Shouldn’t all teachers strive to have all their students do well? 

I think the fact that your students do well is a testament to your coursework, class structure, clarity in assignments, and quality of assignments. This class is a very interesting topic, to begin with, so it is not hard to do the readings, and allowing students to pick lecture videos based on their own interests makes the class work even more interesting and engaging. Sometimes I would watch extra lectures when I was bored! To be honest I have had some online courses that were more challenging in course work and homework (yours was the perfect amount) and I honestly learned so much more in your class compared to others with heavy heavy workloads. 

Your class structure is straightforward and I always knew what to expect each week (which is so important for remote classes) and the weekly writing assignments made sure to keep me focused and on track so I didn’t fall behind. The few times I forgot to submit an assignment I was sent a reminder email and graciously given an extension (which helped a lot cause my grandma had just passed away.) 

Furthermore, your emails of encouragement and reminders when tests are about to close are not only extremely helpful during stressful remote semesters but make us students feel supported, empowered, and honestly just so happy. I am sad this was the only class I had with you it was great!

In summary, I think students do well in your class cause you foster a positive learning environment in which students are excited to learn and apply things to their own lives. The coursework is the perfect amount with assignments due every week to keep you on track but not to the point where it’s overwhelming or stressful so by the time the test comes, you are prepared.

Thanks for a great class!

Katie Hobler

I think your class is great. The content is enjoyable, digestible, and relatable. I don’t think the class is easy: the content itself is hard to read with so much lectures and PowerPoints as well as actually understand what each topic it. But, it’s just generally interesting to learn about and very relatable to college students as “knowledge to know” so a lot of us take the time to understand ourselves better as well as the others in our lives.

Don’t listen to what the other professors say, I love this way of teaching where it’s actual content that is usable in the world, and I could tell you put your love for the subject into the hand-picked lectures as well as the detailed PowerPoints that made me laugh.

You’re a great professor!

Happy holidays to you and your family.

Alexa Amoriello

I think so many people earn good grades in Dr. Bowen’s classes because of his understanding attitude towards his students. His class has just as much, if not a little more, work as my other 3 credit classes. However, Dr. Bowen does not have strict due dates. He allows late work at no penalty. This makes it much less stressful to the students and more likely for them to submit their work and earn a good grade. Dr. Bowen gives weekly assignments in interesting lectures instead of a PowerPoint format. Being able to listen to lectures at your own pace is a much more interesting way to learn and retain the information. 

Semesters are very stressful to students and more often than not students have large projects due in several different classes which makes their workload unmanageable. Dr. Bowen’s class is set up so students can prioritize their work as a whole and not stress themselves out. This is a great way to structure a class. Personally, I learned more in this course than I ever have from an online course because I was actually interested in the lectures. Also, his class was more than just doing the work to get a good grade, it was about taking the time to read and learn the information for your own knowledge. More times than not students rush to complete an assignment just to get it in before the due date and they don’t actually learn the material. Dr. Bowen’s class structure prevents that from happening. 

Alexis Enis

Good morning,

I believe allowing students to complete assignments at their own pace is one of the main reasons your students do so well. It is easy for us to fall behind, and every time I have not done well in a class is because of that, I fall behind. Unexpected events happen every single semester, whether it’s a pandemic or a family member or friend passing away. Most professors allow late work up to a week late but with some penalty. This semester I had an accident that affected my vision (for weeks) exactly a week after my grandpa passed away, so I fell behind in all of my classes, and this was the only class that allowed me to complete work late without any penalty. In addition, instructions for assignments were clear and easy to understand, which made completing them less stressful. I enjoyed reading through the slides, and as a visual learner, they work so much better for me than having to watch a lecture. Having a professor that genuinely cares about their students is important for their students’ success. During such a stressful time for me, even receiving emails and seeing how much you care about us would cheer me up when I’d feel stressed and hopeless.

Thank you for everything,

Maria Cordero-Bautista

Hello Professor Bowen, 

I hope you’re doing well, and I hope you are enjoying your birthday week! I just wanted to give you some feedback on the course! Both the online lectures and the PowerPoint lectures are very interesting, I enjoy them a lot! You give plenty of examples, and pictures that provide a clear explanation for each topic. The online lectures are a nice recap, as well as provide deeper information on the correlating topics regarding the textbook and presentation lecture. They both provide tons of interesting information. The assignments that you assign for us are very feasible and manageable, which is very appreciated. All around, I admire the course and how you have presented the course. I can tell you are a very compassionate and considerate professor for your students. 🙂


Samantha Connell

Dr. Bowen, 

I just want to thank you for being such an incredible professor. Abnormal Psych was my favorite class during my undergraduate career. Now as a PA-Student in my psych rotation I am well ahead of my peers. I am even considering going into the behavioral health field. 

Teaching is often a thankless job, so I hope you know how appreciative I am to have had you.

Thank you again,

Alyson Shapiro

Professor Bowen,

I don’t think I’ve emailed you before, but I think it’s warranted of me to take the time and let you know how much I appreciate your flexible and highly informative teaching style. 

I’m in the Atlanta airport right now, coming back from a family reunion in South Carolina over the weekend. Because of how your course is structured, and how I’ve crafted my schedule, I was able to take Friday and Saturday off to come south and visit people I hadn’t seen in years, if ever. What other course could I be doing my work for, stress free, waiting for my connection flight? That’s all, and I hope you have a good spring.


Emmitt White

Hello Dr. Bowen

Your online teaching performance is good and helpful. I like the online lectures and powerpoint lectures because they are very visual aids and easy to understand the brief of the chapters. I approved the accommodations that you give us all to overcome the challenges and difficulties. I approve the grading standards for exams and writing assignments. Your communications is great with me. I do not think there should be a change for this course.


Kelvin Ocampo-Diaz

Hi Dr. Bowen, 

This is probably one of my favorite classes that I have taken this year so far. I was initially worried about taking this course online because I wanted to make sure I had something to take away at the end of it. As a psychology major, I have always been very passionate about psychology and specifically the abnormal psych. However, taking this course online, I am gaining the same knowledge as I would in an in person class, if not more. I commend you for that. I know teaching during this pandemic has been crazy, but I wanted to say I appreciate you. I can tell you truly care about your students, and your emails always put a smile on my face. 

I personally like all of the assignments. Having us do the comments on the lectures and powerpoints makes us need to go look at the powerpoints and actually watch the lectures. It gives us that extra push. I absolutely LOVE the great courses. I think it is an amazing tool to have access to. So much information!

Overall, I absolutely love this class as well as your teaching philosophies. Thank you and I hope you have a great rest of your day!


Lia Allen

Hi Professor Bowen,

I have taken your Abnormal Psychology course and I enjoyed it so much that I took this course (Learning and Behavior)! Your powerpoint lectures and the online digital library are fantastic. We are learning both direct content for learning and behavior and material/more information on L&B outside of class. I like how “The Great Courses” allows us to choose our own topics since I enjoy learning about other themes that interest me as well. Within the digital library you have established, you give us the freedom to study more about things that interest us. 

Thank you,

Madison Itagaki

Dr. Bowen, 

 I wanted to reach out and respond to your email to let you know how appreciative I am of this class and the structure you have put together. It has allowed me to work around my busy schedule while still invest time in the class and learn about the topics assigned. I enjoy being able to go through the powerpoints and textbook readings at my own pace as it allows me to truly dive into the topic being discussed but still be able to reflect on those ideas in the short essays and comments. The online lectures have allowed me to find what I am interested in all while staying in line with the readings and

PowerPoints. I also have found the organization on MyCourses to be very beneficial in finding what I need in order to complete the assignments for that week. Furthermore, knowing that you are constantly looking after us and keeping constant communication has given me assurance that if and when I ever need assistance you are there and able to help and point me in the right direction. 

Thanks again for all you do! 

Best regards, 

Chloe Brassie

Professor Bowen, 

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day! I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your class so far this semester. I really appreciate how accommodating you are with your students. I really enjoy all of your powerpoint lectures and the online lectures we are able to view as well. I am a Management Information Systems major, but I am very interested in psychology and decided to take your Abnormal Psych class as an elective. I am so glad I chose this class and was lucky enough to have you as a professor. This semester has been very stressful for me and your class is one I thoroughly enjoy and has not added any additional stress for me! I really appreciate you and all the work you do for your students. 

Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope you have an awesome week. 

Thanks again, 
Maddie Dunham

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