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Dr. Bowen dedicates his expertise to educating future generations in psychology

ROCHESTER, NY, January 20, 2022, Robert James Bowen, PhD, has been included in Marquis Who’s Who. As in all Marquis Who’s Who biographical volumes, individuals profiled are selected on the basis of current reference value. Factors such as position, noteworthy accomplishments, visibility, and prominence in a field are all taken into account during the selection process.

Dr. Bowen graduated from Greece Olympia High School in 1967. Robert Bowen was elected President of his High School Student Council. Robert had many friends at Greece Olympia High School including Larry Millhofer who went on to earn an M.D. degree and Ron Michener who went on to earn a PhD degree and Fred DiCesare who went on to get a music degree. His wonderful brothers also graduated from the excellent Greece Central School System (Ward Bowen, Donald Bowen, and Douglas Bowen). Robert Bowen loves his nice nieces (Michelle, Jennifer, Caryn, and Valerie) and loves his nice nephews (Mike and Eric). Robert and his wife have a nice relationship with his wife’s sister-in-law, Nancy Lang, and Nancy’s children Matt, Bill, and Eric Lang. Robert also has had a wonderful relationship with his cousins, Alphonse Sassone from Rochester, NY and Rose Heller and Georgia Ann heller who lived in Almond NY which is where Robert’s father was born.  Robert Bowen earned a Bachelor of Arts from the College at Brockport, State University of New York (SUNY College at Brockport), in 1971, and went on to attain a Master of Arts from the same institution. Robert’s wonderful best friend at SUNY Brockport, classmate and roommate, Lawrence Gostin, went on to get a law degree from Duke University and then became a faculty member and administrator at Georgetown University. Robert Bowen received an excellent education from SUNY Brockport faculty, including Dr. Herbert C. Fink. After graduating with a Master of Science in education from the University of Rochester, he concluded his academic efforts with a Doctor of Philosophy in developmental and child psychology in 1987. While pursuing his education, Dr. Bowen served as an adjunct instructor for Monroe Community College, Nazareth College and SUNY College at Brockport.

An expert in learning and behavior, as well as developmental, social and abnormal psychology, Dr. Bowen started working at the Rochester Institute of Technology in the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID). He enjoyed providing assistance to young people with hearing disabilities. In 1986, he transferred to the Office of Institutional Research in the Finance and Administration Division at RIT.  Two of Robert’s wonderful NTID colleagues were Jorge Samper and Vince Samar.  Robert’s excellent NTID colleague, Chris Licata, went on to become a Vice Provost for RIT. Robert started teaching as an adjunct instructor at RIT in the 1980s and became a full-time Lecturer in the Psychology Department at RIT in 2009. Over the years, he has taught six different course topics and received high ratings from his students. He believes in the teaching philosophies of “Mastery Learning,” “Catch ’em Being Good,” which he learned about when studying the psychology topic of behavior modification, and “In Loco Parentis,” all of which he applies to his own classrooms. Dr. Bowen says that he had excellent supervisors including Department Chairpersons Andrew Herbert and Joseph Baschnagel, College Deans, e.g. Laverne McQuiller and Anna Stenport, and Vice-President of Finance and Administration, James Watters, and also had excellent Psychology faculty colleagues and students at RIT. He also had an excellent experience with the Vice President of Enrollment Management James Miller and the Vice President of Finance and Administration James Watters while he worked in the Office of Institutional Research.  Robert Bowen also had great colleague relationship with Registrar Joseph Loffredo, Health Science faculty Hamad Ghazle, and several History Department members: Juilee Decker, Rebecca Edwards, and Tamar Carroll. His PhD advisors at the University of Rochester were excellent: David Elkind and Judith Smetana. He is a member of the American Psychological Association and co-authored an article for their journal in 1979 with Professor David Elkind. Likewise, Dr. Bowen has other publications in the areas of adolescent development and developmental psychopathology.

Dr. Bowen was inspired to pursue psychology while attending Greece Olympia High School in Rochester NY, when he took a course in the subject during his senior year. Throughout this period, he gained a wealth of experience from his teachers, and has continued to impart his knowledge on future generations. Outside of his career endeavors, Dr. Bowen has been married to his wonderful wife Leslie Lang since 1974. They met at Greece Olympia High School in the 1960s. Leslie earned a nursing degree from the University of Rochester. Dr. Bowen and his wife, Leslie, are proud to have raised several wonderful children. His son, Steven, has a PhD in immunology and is a Supervisor of the FDA Biologics Team, which inspects the COVID vaccines.  His other son, David, has a PhD in electrical engineering and is on the faculty at the University of Maryland. His daughter, Emily Brown, is a veterinary technician. Dr. and Leslie Bowen have two incredible daughters-in-law, Ann Bowen and Corinne Bowen, an excellent son in-law, Lail Brown, Robert and Leslie have wonderful relationships with the parents of their son-in-law and daughters-in-law and they have seven wonderful grandchildren, Charlotte, Sylvia, Elliot, Grace, Desmond, Clara and Timothy. Dr. Bowen also applied the “Catch ’em Being Good” philosophy to raising his children and now applies it to when interacting with his grandchildren.

Dr. Bowen has cultivated a longstanding interest in genealogy. He hired some very competent and nice professional genealogists to do his family history research: Clifford Stott from Provo Utah, Kathy Kirkpatrick from Salt Lake City Utah, and Legacy software expert Dennis Hogan from Fairport in New York. He has published many family history books that can be found in the following National Genealogy Libraries: The Library of Congress in Washington, DC, The Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, The Mayflower Society Library in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and The National Genealogical Library in St. Louis, Missouri.  He is a direct descendant of four Mayflower passenger families and a direct descendant of British royal families (e.g. Edward I of England), Charlemagne and several Magna Carta barons. Dr. Bowen is also a direct descendant of Joseph Jenckes III, governor of the Colony of Rhode Island. Robert Bowen’s wife, Leslie Lang, has ancestors who were pioneer settlers in the Town of Greece, New York in the early 1800s. Robert Bowen collaborated with a professional Hollywood screenplay writer in 2020 to create a TV and/or movie screenplay based on the Civil War letters of two brothers who fought for the NY 137th regiment from Binghamton, New York. The brothers were Henry and Burtis Bayless who were ancestral relatives of Robert Bowen’s uncle Fred Bayless from Almond, NY.  Henry Bayless was killed near Lookout Mountain in Tennessee. Burtis Bayless lost a leg near Atlanta and was in a hospital in New York City when Lincoln’s funeral train went through New York City. Robert Bowen converted these Civil War letters to an MS Word format and donated them to the New York State Military Museum. The NY 137th regiment fought at Gettysburg. Gettysburg Park has a NY 137th monument. Robert visited Gettysburg with Albert Bayless.

Black people cheered the NY 137th when they marched in Virginia. The NY 137th set up a community in Virginia for freed slaves. The brother of one of Robert Bowen’s distant ancestors owned a slave during the Revolutionary War period which he freed and the freed slave enlisted in the Revolutionary War and became a hero. Here is the information about the slave:

Toby Gilmore – African slave belonging to John Gilmore, brother of Andrew Gilmore. Toby was born in Africa as Shibodee Turrey Wurry, captured by slave traders while collecting coconuts and brought to America on the slave ship Dove which was bound for Virginia but driven into RI for repairs following a storm. Fought in the Revolutionary War under Gen. George Washington including winter at Valley Forge. He gained freedom, married, and had eight children.


American Psychological Association


Co-Author: “Imaginary Audience Behavior in Children and Adolescence,” American Psychological Association Journal (1979)

Co-Author: 10-Episode TV Screenplay Proposal about the NY 137th Regiment from Binghamton, NY

Published, Books on Genealogy for Grandchildren


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